Workshop on Exposure Triangle.


Photography is a very good medium for an individual to express himself and today’s digital SLR cameras are like the magical tool for you — but only if you know how to work it. Whether you recently acquired your first digital camera or have owned one for a few years, this workshop empowers you to take control of its features and advance your skills.


Designed like a hands-on user manual, this workshop provides you with the in-depth knowledge essential to explore all the capabilities of the digital SLR. In this workshop, we simply and clearly explains the basics of Exposure Triangle and the various settings & shooting modes on your camera.


This is a 4 hours workshop split into 2 sessions. The first session is devoted to lectures, discussions, and second sesison is devoted to fun and engaging exercises to help you practice your newly acquired skills.


Come participate in discussions, and learn from both from us and your fellow participants.


What you need to bring?


  • Digital SLR or Prosumer Camera with manual mode
  • Fully charged battery and Memory card with sufficient space
  • An Attitude to learn and share knowledge with the group.


Workshop Details:


Age: Anyone above 15 years


Level: Beginner to skilled


Date: Every Weekend


Batch size: 8 to 10


Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm


Venue: Highlite Fitness Square, Shenoy Nagar / JBS School of Music, Anna Nagar East.


Fee: 2000/-